OKI ML791 Plus - A4 24-pin Parallel & USB interfaces Dot Matrix PRINTER - 42114231 (Item No: OKI 791 PLUS PR)

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Superior throughput, versatility and reliability for dedicated forms printing.

- OKI Tank Tough with high durability 24 pin print head

- Parallel & USB interfaces (internal serial & network options)

- Up to 473 characters per second print speed 

- Multi-part paper handling (original + 4 copies) 

- 136 column 15" wide carriage for wide paper

- Rear Push Tractor + Bottom Push & Top Pull options

- ML790 10' 80 column model also available

The Microline 791 has been designed for use in the harshest of operating environments whilst offering the highest levels of flexibility and performance with unparalleled reliability.

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